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CD-J Early Readers: Acquisitions

Process New Titles

Titles ready for the public are placed on the counter or a cart in the Children's Services Workroom.

  1. Check that the spine label and stickers are accurate
  2. Add "New" stickers top titles you want to display in the New Book areas
  3. Add the new books you wish to feature to Booksite booklists, new or otherwise
  4. Check-in all titles
  5. Route titles with holds to circulation after printing and marking the hold slip


Booksite Instructions

Login using the Library ID and password

If you need the login information, please email your supervisor.

Hover over Custom ePages

  • Select the option where your list is hosted


Select the List you Wish to Edit


  • Click on the Hyperlinked Title of the List to VIEW ONLY.

  • Select EDIT to edit the list.

  • You can see the dates of the last time the list was updated.


Delete some items from the list

  • Prioritize titles that have been out for more than 5 or 6 months

  • I usually enter my titles at the bottom, so I tend to delete a handful of the titles at the top of the page.

  • Note that the publication of the titles are visible in the quick view

  • Remove Items by clicking on the "X" next to the title.
  • If you make a mistake, click out of the list. Changes are only saved when you either "Save Draft" or "Publish Draft."

Add New Titles

  1. Click on the "+" to add a title right below OR
    • Scroll to the end of the left list and select "ADD ITEM"

 2. Add the number of boxes you need first

3. Scan the original barcode on the book (NOT THE LIBRARY BARCODE)

  • or manually enter the ISBN

​​​​​​​4. SAVE DRAFT when done



Save & Publish


Collection Development Policy Selection Wording

Selection Criteria for All Library Materials

The responsibility for the selection of materials for the Library collection rests with the Library staff. All or some of the following criteria are considered when selecting items for the collection:

  • Popular demand
  • Accuracy and timeliness
  • Cost and availability
  • Literary merit
  • Space and budget constraints
  • Availability of materials elsewhere
  • Diversity
  • Public request (see appendix)
  • Relevance to community
  • Support of Library programs and initiatives

❖ Not all the works by an individual author may be considered for purchase
❖ The Library does not purchase textbooks to support educational curriculums
❖ Self-published materials must meet selection criteria

Children’s & Teen Materials

Children’s and Teen materials must meet the above criteria, but other factors are considered for selection:

  • Authority
  • Content
  • Artistic quality, originality, and creativity
  • Accuracy, objectivity, clarity, logic, and effectiveness of material

❖ Some materials in the Children’s or Teen Collections might not be considered appropriate by all adults for all readers. While some materials are too mature for one reader, other readers may be ready for them. Only each reader and their parent or caregiver can decide what material is suitable.