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CD-J Early Readers: Deselection

Collection Development Policy Deselection Wording

Collection Development Policy on Deselection

The Library strives to provide current, accurate information, and an accessible collection in good condition. Deselection is an ongoing process, and staff systematically inspects and considers materials for withdrawal. All or some of the following criteria are considered when deselecting items for the collection:

  • No longer in demand
  • Unsuitable condition
  • Out of date or contains inaccurate information
  • More current or comprehensive resources are available
  • Unnecessary duplications
  • Available through consortia or interlibrary loans

Once items are deemed no longer appropriate for the collection, the Library first makes efforts to repurpose before considering disposal. If the items are not physically damaged, they are offered to the Friends of the Ridgefield Library.

Deselection Criteria

Criteria Breakdown

  • CREW Method

  • No longer in demand

    • little to no circs in 2 or more years for most collections

  •  Unsuitable condition

    • Battered, torn pages, marked, water damage, mold or vinegar smell

    • Broken Binding

    • Dirty 

  •  Out of date or contains inaccurate information

    • Old editions of non-fiction materials 

    • Accepted scientific theories and facts should be up-to-date

    • Out-dated perspectives

    • Stereotypes

  •  More current or comprehensive resources are available

    • i.e. Encyclopedias

  •  Unnecessary duplications

    • Multiple copies of titles not of interest to the community

  •  Available through consortia or interlibrary loans

    • For less popular titles

  • Also see Evaluation of Materials in Maintenance

Deselection Process


Items slated for deselection:

  • Check circulation numbers and acquisitions date
    • Reorder if: 
      • deselecting for condition and is a popular item
      • deselecting for damage for a new or popular item
      • it is classic title that needs to be on hand
  • Give to Collection Management for deletion
    • Label book as:
      • "delete-toss" or "delete-donate"
        • Only donate titles that are in great condition that people would be willing to purchase from the Friends

CREW Method Weeding Guide

CREW Method 

Continuous Review, Evaluation, Weeding

Misleading or factually inaccurate


Ugly and outdated or in poor condition


Superceded by a new edition or by a better book on the subject


Trivial with no discernible literary or scientific merit


Irrelevant to the needs and interests of the community


Elsewhere or  available from another library or via ILL


Source: The Weeding Handbook: A Shelf-by-Shelf Guide by Rebeca Vnuck, 2015 (PROF 025.216 VNUK)

See AlsoCrew: A Manual for Modern Libraries by Jeanette Larson, 2012