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CD-J Early Readers: Maintenance


Collection Development Statement on Maintenance

The Ridgefield Library staff stays current with trends in the maintaining of library collections to meet the standards of its users, both in terms of content and physical quality, as well as access and delivery. To that end, we continuously assess the collection regarding typical use or damage. Items are evaluated for possible repair, replacement, or deselection.

Evaluation of Materials

  • Circulation Reports
    • Minimum of once a year
    • Evaluate for circulation, condition, and content
  • Condition Evaluation
    • Water Damage?

    • Mold?

    • Vinegar smell?

    • Marked up?

    • Torn pages?

    • Missing Parts?

    • Binding broken?

    • Pages falling out?

    • Mystery stains or stickiness?

    • Just the mylar jacket in poor condition?
  • Content Evaluation
    • New edition replaces old editions

    • Accuracy of information

    • Publication dates and updated research

    • Diversity and inclusion considerations

    • Stereotypes or outdated language

    • Organization and category-is this book in the right place to be found by patrons? Would it be better in a different section?

Shelf Maintenance

  • Signs up-to-date
  • Featured titles and displays attractive and updated
  • One foot of space open at the end of the shelf
  • Shift for best organization
  • Check for consistency with labels


Each title that needs maintenance by the Collection Maintenance Department must be labelled and put on appropriate shelf.

  • Second Life

    • Remove mylar jacket, clean, relabel (book)
    • New case for media
    • Check in next circ report if this increased circulation of item
  • Clean

    • Clorox wipes and dry
      • Cover
      • Jacket
    • DVDs/CDs
      • Machine-cleaning
  • Repair

    • Simple tears or binding reinforcement-do yourself
    • More difficult repairs-mark and leave for CMD
      • Most books will be replaced and not repaired
  • Replace

    • Copy marked for deselection to Collection Maintenance Department

    • Place title in cart for ordering at appropriate vendor