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Collections: Children's Dew-Op: Overview

Children's Non-Fiction Collection

“Dew-Op” stands for “Dewey Optimization” and “Operation Dewey,” our system of organizing
non-fiction books by broad categories, subcategories and then the Dewey number.

We reorganized the nonfiction books for children to facilitate interest-based and intuitive browsing. Modern users searching for information think in terms of broader categories, and we have attempted to align the collection in those terms. 

How do I find a book?




Why is there still a Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) Number?

We chose to reorganize using a hybrid model combining DDC numbers with words to indicate the category. This way students are still exposed to the use of DDC, while also still being able to intuitively browse the collection.


How did you determine the categories?

These categories were determined by considering patron questions and interactions, research into how children process information, and by literally looking at every single book we had and asking the question, “where should this book live so that a reader will find it?”


Please note that this project is a work in progress and will need adjustment and evaluation as we use it. Please provide any feedback or suggestions you have regarding this project as it will help us to serve you and the  Ridgefield community better.

Please email with any feedback.