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Program: RidgeCon: Trivia

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Teaming Up

  • If possible, talk to team members before the event to determine a team name
  • Once logged into the Zoom meeting, rename yourself as: Team Name / Your Name
  • If you need to join a team, message RL Staff  once you are logged in.
  • If you are not participating on a team, but are instead a spectator, rename yourself as Viewer / Name

 Submitting Answers

  • Using pen & paper at your location to answer the questions as they are given.
  • You will consult with your full team in breakout sessions and submit your final answers.
  • Choose ONE team member to submit your answers.
  • The first submission from each team will be used for scoring, so make sure to coordinate with your team!

Round Submission Sheets


  • This is a public event--all Library policies must be followed or you will be removed the program.
  • Your mic will be muted; please use the chat function to ask questions.

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