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Friends of the Ridgefield Library: Donations

Information about the Friends of the Ridgefield Library


The Friends are accepting donations!  Please leave donations on the cart outside the Friends Sorting Room on the Lower Level of the Library.  Do not leave donated books in the Main Level Library Lobby or anywhere outside the Library building.  Please do not park in handicapped-designated spots when dropping off donations.

Donation Guidelines

We are happy and pleased to accept high-quality books, which are the books you would eagerly bring into your own homes.  Soiled, moldy, and torn books should not be donated.  The exception would be old books (older than 1955) showing some wear and tear, which will be accepted.

All high-quality children’s books are gladly accepted. 

We also accept textbooks which are less than ten years old.  Travel guides, business, self-help, parenting and politics books need to be less than five years old.

Encyclopedias should be from 1955 or older.  We cannot accept Time-Life magazines/books, National Geographic magazines, Reader’s Digest magazines.  Consumer Report books and magazines are also not accepted.

We do appreciate your generous donations to help us support the Ridgefield Library.  Thank you!

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