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Program: RidgeCon: Escape Rooms

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An Escape Room is a popular immersive puzzle game where a group of participants are “locked” in a room and must solve a series of clues and puzzles in order to find the answer, key, or solution to “escape” and win. Games have a time limit, which is usually an hour, and rely on participants’ ability to work together, share clues, and think laterally. 



Game Night Online Escape Room

Launched as a Fundraiser in January 2021
Now available to all as free a self-paced game


Dewey Doomed Virtual Escape Room

Self-paced, free, online and accessible from anywhere


Artefacts Through Time

2018 Escape Room


Bazaar of Mysteries

2019 Escape Room


The Call of the Fabled Forest

2020 Escape Room


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