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What is a notary public?

  • Per the State of Connecticut Notary Public Manual, “The notary public is a public official appointed by the Secretary of the State through the power vested in the secretary by state law. The notary has the power to administer oaths, take acknowledgments and perform other duties as permitted by law.

  • In the state of Connecticut, a notary public can also act as a witness for notarial acts.

What to bring for your visit?

  1. the unsigned document that you need to get notarized (the notary public will need to witness your signature on the document) 
  2. two forms of valid ID; both forms of ID need to include your signature and one form will also need to include a photo or physical description


Acceptable Forms of ID: Unacceptable Forms of ID:
  • valid drivers license
  • passport
  • credit cards 
  • social security card
  • birth certificate 
  • marriage license
  • library cards


passport booklet          credit cards          driver license

What will happen during your visit?

  • less than 15-minute process
  • call ahead to make sure that a notary will be available that day
  • meet the notary and they will review the document to ensure it can be notarized at by them
  • notary will check to see if you need any witnesses and ask for two forms of ID
  • notary will record information into their record book
  • you will sign the document in front of the notary - do not come with the document already signed, the notary has to witness your signature
  • the notary will sign, stamp or seal the document

notary stamp

What can we notarize?

  • applications
    • job applications
    • apartment applications
  • marital status verifications
  • pension benefits affidavits
  • agreements
    • burial plot agreements
  • termination request form for 401K
  • pistol permit / pistol permit renewal
  • travel consent forms
  • release of record information

What can't we notarize?

  • wills
  • powers of attorney
  • mortgages
  • 1-9s
  • subpoenas
  • vital records, such as
    • birth certificates
    • death certificates
    • marriage certificates
  • land records
  • medical or health directives


notary book, stamp, seal and pen


With limited notary publics in the building, please contact the adult services desk to see if there will be a staff member in that day to assist you.

Call: 203-438-2282 ext. 201



A $5 fee will be collected for each notarization.


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