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Library: Ellis Family Teen Center: Books by Genre



The Gilded Ones - Forna
Realm Breaker - Aveyard
Only a Monster - Len
The Taking of Jake Livingston - Douglass
The Heartbreak Bakery - Capetta
Vespertine - Rogerson
In Deeper Waters - Lukens
This Poison Heart - Bayron
The Coldest Touch - Sterling
Crossbones - Vale
The Wild Ones - Azad
Lost in the Never Woods - Thomas
Dark Rise - Pacat
Wings of Ebony - Elle
Beasts of Prey - Gray
A Dark and Hollow Star - Shuttleworth
Once Upon a Broken Heart - Garber
The Gilded Ones - Forna
The Fell of the Dark - Roehrig
The Shadows Between Us - Levenseller
The Extraordinaries - Klune
The Fascinators - Eliopolos
Havenfall - Holland
Cemetery Boys - Thomas
Legendborn - Deonn
Where Dreams Descend - Angeles
A Song of Wraiths and Ruin - Brown
Girl, Serpent, Thorn - Bashardoust
Hunted by the Sky - Bhathena
Forest of Souls - Lee
Cinderella is Dead - Bayron
Incendiary - Cordova
Star Daughter - Thakrar
Blazewrath Games - Ortiz



Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know - Ahmed
The Silence of Bones - Hur
The Downstairs Girl - Lee
The Lovely War - Berry
Saving Savannah - Bolden
Across a Broken Shore - Trueblood
The Paper Girl of Paris - Taylor
The Enigma Game - Wein
We Are Not Free - Chee
The Light in Hidden Places - Cameron
The Blossom and the Firefly - Smith
They Went Left - Hesse
The Fountains of Silence  - Sepetys
In the Neighborhood of True - Carlton
The Weight of Our Sky - Alkaf
Kent State - Wiles
Music from Another World - Talley
Butterfly Yellow - Lai



There's Someone Inside Your House - Perkins
Grown - Jackson
They With They Were Us - Goodman
A Good Girl's Guide to Murder - Jackson
Category Five - Cardinal
All Your Twisted Secrets - Urban
Those Who Prey - Moffett
Surrender Your Sons - Sass
Girl, Unframed - Caletti
Solstice - Alison
Burn Our Bodies Down - Power
The June Boys - Stevens
All Eyes on Us - Frick
The Silence of Bones - Hur
Jane Anonymous - Stolarz
The Inheritance Game - Barnes
Redemption Prep - Miller
Even if We Break - Nijkamp



Now That I've Found You - Forest
Tweet Cute - Lord
Four Days of You and Me - Keneally
Chasing Lucky - Bennett
Today, Tonight, Tomorrow - Solomon
You Say It First - Cotugno
Date Me, Bryson Keller - Van Whye
The Gravity of Us - Stamper
The Henna Wars - Jaigirdar
By the Book - Sellet
More Than Maybe - Hahn
Camp - Rosen
Stay Gold - McSmith
The State of Us - Hutchinson
Technically, You Started It - Johnson
You Should See Me in a Crown - Johnson
The Best Laid Plans - Lund
This Is My Brain in Love - Gregorio



The Stars We Steal - Donne
The Sound of Stars - Dow
Skyhunter - Lu
Nemesis - Reichs
A Conspiracy of Stars - Cole
Unearthed - Kaufman
Sia Martinez and the Moonlit Beginning of Everything - Gilliland
All These Monsters - Tintera
The Last 8 - Pohl
I Hope You Get This Message - Rishi
The Light at the Bottom of the World - Shah
War Girls - Onyebuchi
Want - Pon
Girls with Sharp Sticks - Young
Into the Real - Brewer
Renegades - Meyer
Invictus - Graudin
This Mortal Coil - Graudin