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Library: Ellis Family Teen Center: Tween

The Girl and the Ghost - Alkaf
Spindlefish and Stars - Andrews
My Diary From the Edge of the World - Anderson
Tuck Everlasting - Babbitt
Hazel's Theory of Evolution - Bigelow
The Sisters of Straygarden - Chewins
Take Back the Block - Giles
War Stories - Korman
Clues to the Universe - Li
What Lane? - Maldonado
Shuri - Stone
The Racontuer's Commonplace Book - Milford
Fart Quest - Reynolds
The Barren Grounds - Robertson
Karma Moon: Ghost Hunter - Savage
Just Like That - Schmidt
Pay Attention, Carter Jones - Schmidt
Mez's Magic - Schrefer
Magic's Most Wanted - Whitesides
Demon Dentist - Walliams
Nightbooks - White